Multimedia Education Center

About Us

The Multimedia Education Center (MEC) boosts a state-of-art educational facility for shared use that was established by IREX in 2012 with the support of USAID under the G-MEDIA program. USAID-funded and IREX-implemented M-TAG program maintained it from October 2014 through August 2017. In June 2017 IREX founded MEC as an independent local non-profit organization and the MEC opened its doors to the students in this new capacity first time in September 2017. The Organization’s main objective is to encourage innovation in education, and establish, preserve and advance standards of excellence in academic and professional education of journalism, communications, and related fields.

The primary purpose of the MEC is to support academic institutions, training providers, and educators with multi-media equipment, modern infrastructure and expert knowledge that can best prepare students for careers in journalism and communications.

The MEC is designed to support journalism education and lifelong professional development for media practitioners in Georgia by focusing on innovative use of technology in teaching and learning about journalism. Located in a 380 square-meter space, the MEC offers state-of-art equipment and spaces for media content production. This modern learning environment fully meets the rapidly changing needs of journalism education.

The MEC is made up of a digital-ready classroom, a large newsroom (with production studio, editing room, classroom and meeting space), a café/social space and a technical room where the equipment is stored. One distinctive feature of the Center is that its production equipment, furniture and even walls can easily be moved to change the design and layout of the space, allowing educators to take students out of classrooms and give them hands on experience in a studio environment. The classrooms at the MEC are all digital-ready. All rooms feature high-bandwidth wireless service and digital projectors. Up to 50 student workstations have Macbook Pros with complete Adobe Master Collection of professional, licensed media software. In addition, MEC users have access to a wide range of quality video, audio and photo cameras, video/audio recorders, lighting and sound equipment, Ipads and other mobile devices.

The MEC also supports the media development and journalism education community at large by providing space and technical support for trainings and workshops, movie screenings, and conferences organized by local and international non-profit organizations. The MEC’s unique design also enables broadcast-quality live recording and streaming of these events. MEC’s café/social space additionally provides greater comfort for students, instructors and visitors.


Phone: 225-18-95
Open: Monday-Friday: 9:30am-8:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am-6:00pm